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Our luxury holidays offer a once in a lifetime travel experience that you have always dreamt of

Luxury can mean different things for different people. For some there's nothing better than a stay at a classic five-star hotel in Paris, for others it's the hottest new boutique hotel in downtown Manhattan, while for many it's the privacy of your own cabin on the shores of the Maldives' clearest blue waters. But wherever it is in the world that you want to rest your head, you can be sure there's a five-star hotel waiting for you. Do you dream in neon? Then head to the heart of Bangkok for the ultimate in urban luxury holidays. If that doesn't float your boat then maybe the thought of five star holidays to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos will. Alternatively, keep it classic with a luxury trip to the Caribbean, where lush vegetation, warm waters, fresh seafood, friendly locals, and endless sunshine combine to create the ultimate in luxury getaways

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